SA50 -  Cling On! paint Brush - Shortie Angle

SA50 - Cling On! paint Brush - Shortie Angle

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Cling On! Brushes have become the go-to Brush for Furniture upcycling Artisans & Enthusiasts Worldwide.  Perfect for any water based paints, they offer superior ease of application, a smooth, flawless finish and no shedding!

With 16 types, available in Round, Oval, Flat, Angled, Block and Shorty. The shape retention of the Cling On! brush is unequaled, designed for making sharp cutting-in effortless. You’ll be surprised to learn they are nearly self-cleaning and equipped with top quality nylon filaments and fibers that keep their shape and stiffness. These durable brushes are made to LAST and be yours for years. For Fat Paint projects, there is no better brush on the Market, period.