Commission Work

We provide commissioned painting services of your furniture pieces.  Please note that prices vary depending upon the size of the piece you own, the complexity of the finish you want and the cost of associated materials.

In order to get started it is helpful if you provide us with a picture of your piece, its dimensions and a general idea of the finish you are looking for.  Pictures of the desired finish are always helpful so feel free to forward your inspiration photos (check Pinterest for some ideas!)  

A couple of things to note...

* We do not 'spray' paint furniture.  All of our pieces are hand painted and finished which is a little more labour and time intensive.  Perfect for those special looks and details but if you simply want something painted a solid, uniform, factory-smooth finish you are better off finding someone who spray paints.

*We schedule all custom work, which means we we may not be able to get to your piece for a few weeks, depending upon how full the commissioned schedule is.  We will certainly let you know at the time of inquiry what the wait time looks like.

*If we don't do what you're looking for we will tell you.  Your furniture is special to you or you would not be investing in upgrading or maintaining it.  If we are not confident that we can give you the look you're after we will let you know.

*No work begins without a signed agreement of understanding.  Read this document over carefully before signing and returning it to us - it's our 'bible' and determines the finished look of your piece, along with the final cost and the cost of possible revisions to that plan.  

*We are always open to questions, having you take a look at finishes on products currently in the showroom, viewing sample boards... whatever it takes to help you make a more informed decision.

Interested in seeing if we can help you out?  Send us a quick email roughly outlining your needs and we'll get back to you to start the ball rolling!