What does it mean that an item is one of a kind?

Many of our items are refinished and/or hand painted by us in our workshop.  They are therefore not duplicatable or eligible for a replacement.  It also means that if you see it in the shop now... there is no guarantee that it will still be available when next you visit.  Additionally, though we may have something similar in the future we will never have that exact piece again.  Which simply means... if you love it, buy it then or risk losing out!  Note also that any handpainted items, even when listed in multiples will have some natural variation from item to item.

I want more of an item than you have in stock.  Will you/can you get more?

Ah... it depends!  Some of our items are available for re-order through our wholesalers while other products are limited in quantity or one of a kind items.  The availability of 'more' items than we have in stock will be dependent upon those factors.  You can reach out to us at queenbeecreations@primus.ca and we can let you know the status of the items you are interested in.

I'm still confused about shipping options.  If I buy a piece of furniture and select shipping quotes... will I get charged for the furniture before I find out what the shipping is and decide it's too much?

When buying furniture we do not charge your card until after we have gotten a shipping quote for you and you have agreed to the price.  That way there's no messy refunding of money and definitely no worries that you are stuck with a piece of furniture and no 'easy' way of getting it to you!