We offer various painting and project based classes.  Our goal is for you to have fun, learn and play with a new technique and to have something completed you are able to take home with you at the end.  

Each class description will outline the project, show a sample finished piece and give you the details about the length and timing of the class.  To sign up you simply put the desired 'class' into your shopping cart and check out as you would normally.  

If a class you're interested in is sold out then reach out to me via email ( and I can shift you onto the waiting list, in the event someone cancels.  If there are a large number of you on the list then I likely will simply book an additional class to accommodate!

If you would like to arrange for a 'group' class for you and your friends to attend together then please reach out to me at the email address above and we can see what we can put together for your group!

And, in the meantime, check out our YouTube channel with lots of how-to videos for you to follow along with!   Here's the link...

(In the event that a class must be cancelled by us, for whatever reason, we will fully refund any payments!)  If you must cancel out of a class we would appreciate any attempt you can make to have someone attend in your place.  Please just notify us of the change if possible.

BONUS:  Enjoy a 15% discount on any shop purchases made on the day of your class!