Duck Egg blue Cabinet

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This cabinet has been finished in a soft duck egg blue, lightly distressed to highlight the details, waxed and buffed smooth. I love this colour... soft and classic.
This is a nice sized cabinet, not an overly large one, allowing it to be used in smaller spaces, or kitchens, offices, condos, hallways...decor added to the top... lots of versatility.
Size: 32.25" wide, 16" deep, 64.5" tall
Although every piece comes with a history, I had a little insight into the back story of this piece.  Evelyn Dick was pretty notorious in Hamilton, accused of murdering her husband (I don't think this was proved) but definitely sentenced for infanticide. She served 11 years in the Kingston penitentiary. There was a play written about her entitled... How could you, Mrs. Dick. The author and his ex-wife purchased this cabinet from Evelyn's house... I purchased it from his ex-wife. She passed along a little googled info about Evelyn Dick and the play... I'll pass it along to the purchaser. Sheesh! When I refer to the stories of the old pieces I sell I'm usually referring to the dents and dings. In this case... I had a little more info to share!